Common Holly / Announces New Album & Lead Single 'Central Booking'

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Montreal-based Common Holly (Brigitte Naggar) appeared a few years back with the surprisingly accomplished debut album, 'Playing House'. Holding fast to that record's honesty, her impending follow-up 'When I Say to you Black Lightning' is a look outward, a submergence into the dark and dissonant with consolation found in harmony and dry humour. Like a ticking internal monologue, the nine labyrinthian yet catchy tracks observe the complexities of mental health, the precarity of life, and the challenges of finding strength in the face of grave misunderstanding.    

'When I say to you Black Lightning' is about finding the seeds of strength to navigate adult life, and about the ways in which we all find ourselves in that place of struggle when life starts to show you its cards. It ditches fear without losing vulnerability, and trades in sadness for the healing powers of anger, and the strength of observing, recognising and confronting.    

Brigitte says of her new album, “This record isn’t one singular statement, it documents a period of growth. The songs were written mainly over two years and they all reflect potent moments from that time. While it’s obviously personal and based off of my own experience, I want this album to feel familiar— life gets complicated as we grow, people form relationships to each other, they lose things, they discover pain, fear, self-delusion; sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s weird, often it sucks—and we have to navigate our way through all of that.”    

This narration of experience is first introduced on the orchestral opener 'Central Booking', the first track from the album to be released. Slang for jail, Naggar illustrates the story of someone whose troubled past forces them to pick up and start over in Canada. Whispering the hook "I’m sorry New York broke you", she coyly pairs empathy with aloofness while also playing on the stereotype that Canadians can’t help themselves for apologising wherever they go. You can hear the track here and / or watch the video here.        

'When I say to you Black Lightning' is released on October 11th 2019 via Dalliance Recordings in Europe.    

Barsuk will be releasing in the US, Royal Mountain in Canada & Remote Control in Australia.  

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'When I say to you Black Lightning'  
Dalliance Recordings / DR1005  
Release Date: October 11th 2019    
Formats: Cassette, CD, LP, Ltd. LP    


Central Booking  
Joshua Snakes  
You Dance  
Little Down  
I Try  
It’s Not Real  
Crazy OK