Gia Margaret / Shares Video for 'Birthday' & New 'There's Always Glimmer' Release

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From a low-key Summer release in the US to ending 2018 across multiple international critics’ Best Of lists (including Gorilla vs. Bear and The Line of Best Fit), Gia Margaret’s debut album, 'There’s Always Glimmer', is a hugely rewarding and deeply affecting slow-burner. An accomplished record that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, catching people’s attention with the fragile, intimate beauty of Gia’s compositions carrying her poignant lyrics. With word of mouth growing and multiple pressings of the record having sold out since, it’s great news then that it is finally getting the full release outside of North America that it richly deserves. 
Gia has also made a video with director Matt Gehl (Everybody’s Baby) for her single, ‘Birthday’, you can watch the video here.  
The fruit of years of endeavour, 'There’s Always Glimmer' represents a time in Gia’s life when she had to balance her creative urges with the basic need to pay rent. A Chicago native, she excelled at both piano and guitar growing up, later finding solace in writing songs hidden away in her bedroom. Informed by greats such as Nick Drake, Linda Perhacs, The Roches and Connie Converse, she became increasingly confident that music could become more than a hobby, buoyed by the receptive audience her demos and cover series found online. Still, she decided not to rush, instead biding her time until she felt she had the right body of work to make an album ready for the daylight. 
That time came last year when she stepped forward with the self-produced 'There’s Always Glimmer', twelve tracks of raw honesty and heartbreak. Culled from Gia’s rich archive, ten tracks were recorded in a studio with the help of Nick Papaleo, who also mixed the album with her, while two of her home recordings also made the final cut (‘Groceries’ and ‘In Normal Ways’), anchoring the record to where it all began. 
'There’s Always Glimmer' incorporates elements of folk, shoegaze and ambient electronics, whilst retaining the delicate and exposed charm of Gia’s demos. Things might seem gloomy on first listen with her lyrics exploring anxiety, depression and alienation, surfacing memories she’d rather forget, but as hinted by the album’s title, hope lies within; “Serene, perceptive storytelling,” as Pitchfork put it. Her songs instead are positive, cathartic workouts, opening wounds to allow them to heal, probably highlighted best when she sings “You let the light in when it’s dark.” 
'There’s Always Glimmer' is coming out on May 24th outside of North America on Dalliance Recordings; Gia will support the release with a run of instore performances, returning in September to play End of the Road Festival before heading out on her first run of headline UK dates. The album is available to pre-order on vinyl and CD, and the digital release will contain two previously unreleased new tracks. More information here