Ailsa Tully / shares seething new single 'Parasite'

“A unique and mesmerizing sound”
Line of Best Fit

“A songwriter who is marking her place on the landscape”
For The Rabbits

“Tully blends the ethereal mystique of her Celtic heritage with a modern-day transience”
Secret Meeting 

Welsh songwriter Ailsa Tully has released latest single ‘Parasite’ - her second with new label Dalliance Recordings.

Like labelmates Gia Margaret and Common Holly, Tully’s distinct sound sits at the crossroads between folk and electronic music.

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Writing her first songs on the cello, Tully soon graduated to the bass guitar, that early classical technique ensuring she developed a bass playing style unlike anyone else. Add her tender, elegant vocals to the mix plus her obsession for field recordings and you’ll begin to understand what makes Tully so different.

While Tully’s previous single ‘Drive’ was enveloping and meditative, ‘Parasite’ finds her dark and brooding. Based upon her personal experiences in the music industry, ‘Parasite’ is a highly charged sermon on navigating a toxic work relationship and gender power dynamics. 

“Parasite is a confrontational song written for a controlling and manipulative person. Itexplores the insidious manner in which sexism takes form, particularly within the innerworkings of the music industry”, Tully explains. 

Initially Tully plays the role of how she is perceived by this person - a feminine product to mould, shape and design. As tension builds in the song, her vocals remain fragile and sweet, maintaining the illusion of her female tranquillity, until finally the heaviness of her emotions erupt, breaking the illusion once and for all. 

‘Parasite’ is a compelling blend of grunge and choral folk. The eery accompanying video shows parasitic plants winding around vines in rhythm with the song. Watch it here.