Francis of Delirium / release debut EP 'All Change' on Dalliance Recordings

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Out today, All Change is the debut EP by the Luxembourg-based, Canadian-American duo Francis Of Delirium, a band fast on the rise.

First appearing back in January with the instantaneous track ‘Quit Fucking Around’, Francis Of Delirium have caught attention by making a powerful sound where 90’s grunge collides with indie folk and millennial DIY; different generations of rock explained in part by 18 year-old songwriter Jana Bahrich being thirty years junior to her collaborator Chris Hewett.

A highly creative and self-contained duo, intimacy and vulnerability lies at the heart of their music, made impactful by Jana’s high energy vocals and genuine passion to connect with each member of the audience.  All Change perfectly illustrates this, a five-track primer that not only delivers on their early promise but shows they’re just getting started.

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"All Change is centred around cycles of negative thought patterns and allowing them to take over every aspect of your life”, Bahrich explains.

This would often be a physical process, Bahrich churning through her thoughts whilst cycling in Luxembourg; she’d often run out of road both mentally and physically, the country is just 51 miles in length. Final song “Quit Fucking Around” is the wake up call to break the cycle.

Jana started writing songs at 12, playing live for the first time at 15. As a musician, she strives to connect with each and every listener on an intimate level. Francis of Delirium returned to the live stage for the first time since lockdown on Friday June 12, playing at a drive in concert.

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