Francis of Delirium sign to Dalliance Recordings + Release 'Circles'

FoD 350

A fascinating mix of 90s grunge and millennial DIY, Luxembourg-based duo Francis of Delirium announce their signing to Dalliance Recordings (Gia Margaret, Wilsen, Common Holly) with introspective new single ‘Circles’.

On ‘Circles’, 18-year-old singer and songwriter Jana Bahrich spirals in a whirlpool of discontent before finally grasping onto a rock and pulling herself out into the light, a triumphant moment marked by the arrival of weightless guitars and her voice taking on a Snail Mail-like yelp. 

Having lived in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, it’s strange that the perpetual traveller now resides in a country just 51 miles in length, its confines meaning that she traverses in circles physically, whilst cycling, and figuratively, internally sifting through the challenges of adolescence.  

“On a personal level it felt like every aspect of my life was giving into this circle. It’s about the first time you really like someone and then it ends, and you don’t know if that sadness will ever go away because you’ve never experienced it before. By the end of the song there’s this light, and desperate claw at trying to pull yourself back and out of the circle” says Bahrich.  

Bahrich started writing songs from 12-years-old, playing them live alongside collaborator Chris Hewett, 30 years her senior, for the first time when she was 15 before the duo had decided upon their Francis of Delirium moniker. The vast difference in age makes for a compelling dichotomy not easily replicated, Seattleite Hewett’s obsession with 90s grunge - his brother featured in CANDLEBOX’s ‘Far Behind’ video - fusing effortlessly with the 00s DIY spirit of Frankie Cosmos and Car Seat Headrest which Bahrich so intriguingly evokes. 

Their debut EP ‘All Change’ will follow in the summerNamed after the announcement train operators declare when they return to their original destination, its title imagines the sense of hope lifting in their stomach as they prepare to get off and start again.