HighSchool sign to Dalliance Recordings; release new single 'New York, Paris & London'

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Australian band HighSchool today announce their signing to Dalliance Recordings with new single ‘New York, Paris and London’ - an intoxicating mix of industrial post-punk and sun-dappled jangle pop.

Flitting from light to dark and back again, the Melbourne trio of Rory, Lilli and Scotty achieve the impossible, seamlessly blending the desolation of Joy Division with the euphoria of Beach Fossils.

An exploration of the swinging pendulum between social anxiety and elation, ‘New York, Paris and London’ finds the beauty in the ugly, espousing recklessness, debauchery and urgent angst.

Speaking of the track, Lilli says: “New York Paris and London' exposes peer validation that exists in settings where criticism is common. It suggests that dreaming and manifesting is as meaningful as our ambitions coming to fruition. New York, Paris and London are three highly desirable, yet clichéd destinations that symbolise the elusiveness of our own self expectations.”

Scheduled for early 2021, the band’s debut EP is set to impose their unique outlook on how post-punk grit and youthful sophistication can coexist.