Jeremy Tuplin / Announces New Album 'Violet Waves', Shares Lead Single 'Space Magic'

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Space-folk pioneer, Jeremy Tuplin is back with ‘Violet Waves’, an album comprised of 12 new transmissions exploring love, the ensuing apocalypse of our habitat and all that exists beyond. 

A man who jots down his dreams, it’s of little wonder that the Somerset-born artist produces such a diverse programming schedule, the white noise brought into sharp focus.  

Though the presenter might be consistent throughout, sharp-suited and booted, each song is its own TV show channeling heartbreak, the first flushes of love, demagogic political leaders and much more. 

The first broadcast beamed to the masses is ‘Space Magic’. Gravity-less, listeners are invited to float in its lsd-infused soundscape, the fleeting stroke of the chimes imitating the fall of stardust from above. 

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“The song is about finding the fascinating in the everyday,” Tuplin explains. “I guess I use the term ‘magic’ loosely in a scientific way, and mostly focus on the very grandiose ‘Space Magic’, but through nature and anything from planet formation to the human mind, your neighbour’s overhanging wild rose or that piece of toast you’re eating for breakfast, it’s all pretty magical”.  

Whilst previous record ‘The Pink Mirror’, a satirical look at our failure to remove the rose-tinted spectacles when observing the world around us, was very much Tuplin’s own universe, ‘Violet Waves’ entwines his band, the Ultimate Power Assembly, in his cosmic spiral. Exclusively recorded with the band who joined Tuplin on sojourns through Germany, Italy and two UK headline tours last year, their unfailing presence results in a more brash, bombastic output, espousing the electrifying drama of Scott Walker. 

Tuplin has always existed within touching distance of a wink of the eye, a tongue in the cheek, and even with the cataclysmic nature of the subjects on display here, Tuplin still manages to not take life too seriously. ‘Killer Killer’ is a feel-good depiction of a love story featuring a porcupine and a chinchilla, the porcupine being the femme fatale and the chinchilla, the ladykiller. Whilst, ‘The Idiot’ finds Tuplin remarking, “The rebels have continued to try to make sense of it / A treason denounced as some kind of astro-physics bullshit” in a nonchalant tone perfectly suited to those who choose to eschew science when contemplating the planet’s future. 

Fittingly, Tuplin closes with a death wish. “I’ve been thinking and when I die, I would like my heart cut out and projected into outer space / And maybe it’ll catch on and others will do the same / The entirety of the human race / With their hearts cut out and floating in outer space”. Jeremy, we have lift off.