Jesse Mac Cormack / Shares 'Addict' Video From His 'After The Glow' EP

Jesse Mac Cormack Credit Joannie Grenier bw square

Montreal’s Jesse Mac Cormack has unveiled a new video for a track called ‘Addict’. Directed once again by his close collaborator Frédérique Bérubé, the video tackles the delicate subject of porn addiction. Transparent and honest, Jesse shares his own experience with the public: "I have been through a porn addiction, like many others. I feel that it’s important to express the pain it espouses. Too many men consider sex to be the way it is depicted in porn. But sexuality is more beautiful and true with love and tenderness.”

Jesse recently spoke with Huck Magazine to discuss more about the statement he’s making with this provocative video. Read the full article here

Frédérique Bérubé, the ‘Addict’ video's director, shares her own vision on the subject: "A screen is turned on, millions of images multiply. We subsist on these bodies, on our presence watching them. Desire mounts. The next morning, the craving returns, tenacious and violent. Watching the cold screen, we devour the sex with our eyes. Stronger than yesterday, icier, lonelier. We feed on it. We feed on the love we do not know. Of the heat that has dissipated. The video “Addict” is about pornography addiction. About the loneliness and loss of balance that provides."

Watch / Share ‘Addict’ on YouTube here.

‘Addict’ is taken from Jesse’s current EP, ‘After The Glow’ which is out now on Secret City Records (available here), and follows recent singles ‘Death Row’, 'Never Enough’, and ‘Repeat’.

Having made his debut at Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik this Autumn as well as playing a headline show at The Waiting Room in London, Jesse is now back in Canada and has announced a run of Quebec dates for Spring. A first full-length album is expected in 2017.