Kyson / Shares Hypnotic New Single 'Clear Air'

Kyson Landscape2018 CreditS2.Lun

Swiftly following on from the release of his return single, ‘Every High’, Kyson has unveiled another new single in the form of ‘Clear Air’ which is out today on B3SCI / Majestic Casual Records.

Guided by Kyson’s meticulous production, ‘Clear Air’ gradually spirals from its mellow beginnings of finger-picked acoustic guitar & sparse electronic percussion, into a vast & captivating soundscape that transports the listener away.  Speaking about the track in more detail, Kyson himself explains: “Even though the song narrative feels like it’s swaying back and forth, it’s really about trying to leave the past behind and live in the moment. I hope people can find a sense of peace in the song”.  

Stream / Share ‘Clear Air’ HERE.

The most hypnotising songs are ones we can sink in to, forgetting about everything as their words and melodies wash over us. That’s the kind of musical alchemy Kyson creates. The moniker of producer, singer and songwriter Jian Liew, this Australia-born and now Berlin-based artist is making abstract electro-folk that’s designed to take you closer to his complex and nomadic soul. Skin-prickling and strange; soul-bearing and melodious all at the same time, Jian’s latest work could be described as a cocktail of Ben Howard’s vulnerable vocals and Arthur Russell’s entrancing production, but Jian’s ear for a strong hook elevates it into something greater; a sound he can call his own.  Jian’s coos his rich lyrics over layers of looping, echoing vocal samples, gentle guitars, and sporadic percussion. To Jian, each component is vital. They all combine to create a denser, more satisfying sound.  

Kyson began his career when he unexpectedly won an official Bon Iver remix competition with his remix of 'Holocene'. Such lauded early recognition of his work encouraged him to pursue his music making more seriously. Two album releases later - via Friends Of Friends, the LA electronic label affiliated with notable such acts as Shlohmo and Tomas Barfod - and with album number three on the horizon, Kyson has returned this summer with a series of single releases, each one released via B3SCI / Majestic Casual Records. ‘Every High’ was the first taster, with 2 more original tracks still to follow in the coming months and all 4 tracks due to be made available on limited edition vinyl which is available to pre-order HERE.  

Watch / Share the official video for ‘Every High’ on the Majestic Casual YouTube channel HERE.  

Listen to ‘Every High’ on this week’s New Music Friday playlist on Spotify HERE.