Michael Kiwanuka / Unveils 'Out Loud!' Short Film

MichaelKiwanuka 2018

Michael Kiwanuka has unveiled a mini-documentary delving behind the scenes of his touring life. Entitled ‘Out Loud!’, in line with the live album that he released on limited edition vinyl for this year’s Record Store Day, the documentary incorporates footage shot during Michael’s most recent UK headline tour which concluded the campaign for his number 1 charting album ‘Love & Hate’ and culminated in a sold-out night at London’s Royal Albert Hall.  

Further to just being a fly on the wall glimpse at life on the road, the short film acts as an exploration of the concept of performing music in a live setting. ‘Out Loud!’ deconstructs what it means for an audience member to experience the live interpretation of a record they love as well as what it means for a recording musician to take their music and re-interpret songs for a live setting, in particular looking at how the stage allows an artist to explore different sides of their creation.  

‘Out Loud!’ was filmed and directed by Michael’s long-time visual collaborator Jodie Canwell. With their extensive working history, Canwell was uniquely poised to capture the naturally candid nature this footage.

The 15-minute film is now available to watch/share via YouTube HERE.

Speaking about the project, Michael Kiwanuka shares: “I always knew that I wanted to document touring the ‘Love & Hate’ album and I’m thrilled that Jodie was able to make this short film. I was so excited to play these songs live and play with the musicians I’m lucky to tour with. The film goes along with the ‘Out Loud!’ live album and gives people a glimpse of what performing to fans means to me as well as what live music means to me in general. I love capturing moments in time in ways other than just a studio album. For me it’s another way to connect with fans. It’s a way for people to see what they normally wouldn’t be able to see.”  

Expanding on Michael’s thoughts, Jodie Canwell shares: “Creating ‘Out Loud!’ with Michael was a liberating experience as there wasn’t really an ulterior motive behind the piece of work. We didn’t make it to push anything for anyone, we simply set out to make a film we were both happy with. I wanted to shoot something genuine, that wasn’t a flash in the pan and forgotten about, and Mike wanted a raw video document of his live music, using bands like The White Stripes as an example. When it came to being on tour with Mike, the whole process was very relaxed, I’d shoot along the way when there were moments unfolding backstage and during the shows which were always exquisitely synced with the lighting (Thanks to Luke Avery).”  

Currently in the studio working on the follow up to 'Love & Hate’, Michael Kiwanuka will return to the live stage in January 2019 touring Australia and New Zealand as part of Mumford & Son’s Gentlemen of the Road series.

A digital version of ‘Out Loud!’ can be streamed via Spotify HERE