Novo Amor & Gia Margaret / Surprise Release Collaborative Double A-Side Single

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Novo Amor and Gia Margaret today surprise release a collaborative double A-side single.

Entitled ‘No Fun’ and ‘Lucky For You’, the two tracks were written in 2018 after the pair met whilst Gia Margaret was supporting Novo Amor’s headline North American tour, marking the release of his debut album ‘Birthplace’ which is out now on AllPoints.  

Acoustic in nature, ‘Lucky For You’ and ‘No Fun’ epitomise the sweetness and fragility found in both musicians’ solo work. Melodically sparse, the tracks are an intimate moment in time. Speaking about how their collaboration came about, Novo Amor’s Ali Lacey recalls:  “Gia and I met in Atlanta last November. It was raining, a lot. We spent the first weeks of winter traveling around the country, playing shows together, recognising our creative likeness and just becoming friends. 'No Fun’ and ‘Lucky For You’ were written and recorded together over a long weekend at my home studio in Wales. We saw a bridge across our usual geographical divide and said: “hey, let’s make some music!”. It feels almost against our nature to try and explain this. We had no preconceptions. We just love music, the process of making it, how it can make you feel and what it can do for people. I think it’s just something that we wanted to share."

Stream / Share both tracks via YouTube.

Novo Amor will return to North America this Spring for a run of headline shows as well as making his debut at SXSW in Austin, Texas.