Sophie Jamieson / announces new EP 'Release', continuing return after five year break from music

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Sophie Jamieson continues her return after a transformative five years outside of music with new EP ‘Release’, out December 1st. Gold Flake Paint premiered lead single 'Forward' ahead of its release today.

First emerging at 22-years-old, Jamieson’s debut EP ‘Where’ resulted in wide-acclaim and sought-after tour support slots with the likes of Marika Hackman and Pale Seas.

A disastrous recording session of her follow up, however, contributed to a breakdown where self-destructive habits took hold.   Now 29, Jamieson continues her comeback resolved in who she is and what she wants to say.

Focusing on a depressive period of intense loneliness, ‘Release’ is produced by Steph Marziano (Ex:Re, Hayley Williams, Denai Moore, Lazy Day). It follows hot on the heels of EP ‘Hammer’, which arrived in February, and ‘Climb’, a song she co-wrote alongside Charlie Cunningham.

Listen / Share lead single ‘Forward
“Release was written during one of the loneliest periods of my life. Becoming disconnected from those close to me, I searched for connection blindly, drinking past blackout and getting myself into trouble. The next day I would find a way to punish myself. It was a vicious circle”, Jamieson explains.

Lead single ‘Forward’ finds Jamieson lending her distinctive vocal to a soundscape that swells and falls; a river flowing too fast for you to chart the current.

 “Forward’ is about trying to find some control amid chaos. My instinct for years had been to deny that a period of time had happened, to empty myself of its trace - but at this point, I began to understand that I could accept it, that it is part of who I am and that I do not have to destroy the evidence of my past in order to move forward”.

Elsewhere on the EP, the title track imagines Jamieson embroiled in a blissful bubble of self-destruction, whilst ‘Concrete’ recalls the relief she felt in flight as a car knocked her off her bicycle.
Self-assured and confident, ‘Release’ finds Jamieson returned to us on firmer ground, the final destination within her grasp now more than ever.